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My Computer Specifications

Motherboard : MSI B85-G43 GAMING
CPU : Intel i5 - 4570 3.2GHz 6MB Turbo Boost 3.6GHz
Ram : Kingston HyperX 8GB (4x4) Dual Kit 1600MHz DDR3
GPU : Evga GTX 960 FTW GDDR5 4GB 128Bit Nvidia Dx12
HDD 1 : Sandisk 128GB SSD
HDD 2 : Seagate 1TB HDD
PSU : OCZ 500w 80+ PSU
Monitor : Samsung 21.5" S22D300HY LED 1080p HDMI Monitor
Case : Aerocool GT Black Advance Edition - Micro ATX/ATX

Windows 10 Home RTM (Build 10586)
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Get yourself an Antvirus, without a backup you're more at risk.

Else enjoy Adware and Keyloggers, with a stolen ID.


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Some sort of backup,on demand scanner(s),consider CCleaner or similar free software.I would consider at least a free AV such as Avast combined with Windows firewall


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I guess this is the #yolo setup ?
You use a VM for Malware Testing, but don't use a real-time protection on your host system ? Any reasons for that ?
"You are virtually arrested by doing computer suicide"

1. Install an Anti-Virus
2. Install an On-Demand Scanner
3. Install a Backup Program/ Backup Your System

I highly doubt that "Never" for ever being infected is going to last (unless you are very good at common sense/rarely access internet).

Please take my advice, don't end up regretting ;)