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Version 4.70 :

  • Added the "Hardware Monitor", which controls the status of PC devices
  • Added the "Task Scheduler Optimization" based on cloud data
  • Added the "Memory Optimization" with automatic background optimization of free memory
  • Added the "Task Scheduler" tool
  • Added the "Opened Ports" tool
  • New tool "Installed software" with a reputation based on cloud data
  • New tool "Web Browser Extensions" with a reputation based on cloud data
  • Updated the "Running processes" tool: new ability to save programs work (automatic restart)
  • Updated the "Check Installed Software" tool: new ability to download software installers
  • Updated the "Network activity" tool: new ability to view UDP connections
  • Improved error correction: added a new category "Domain Map"
  • Added protection against unwanted and malicious extensions of web browsers.
  • Program recommends uninstalling software marked by many users as unwanted
  • Added protection of web browsers from substitution their shortcuts and settings
  • Added protection of DNS settings
  • Added the ability to clean Windows Update Cache
  • Added the ability to clean previous Windows installations
  • Program highlights new and recently discovered objects in the lists
  • Improved display of detected problems in the diagnostic list
  • Improved integration into the Windows context menu
  • Added new issues solved by the Real-time Failure Detection System
  • Added new recommendations
  • Added new tweaks for Windows 10
  • Added Bulgarian and Azerbaijan languages
  • Improved stability of the application
  • Bugs fixed and many small improvements added
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