KeyScrambler v. 3.16.0 released


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Feb 25, 2017

What's New in KeyScrambler 3.16​

KeyScrambler 3.16 is released on September 24, 2021 with the following changes:​

  • Added support for Windows 11.
  • Fixed occasional focus loss in Firefox fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed number pad keys being repeated in LibreOffice 7.0+.
  • Fixed product key info being reset during some Windows updates.
  • Fixed encryption module errors when used with certain anti-virus software.
  • Fixed orphaned process handle in main executable.
  • Fixed Dissenter browser support.
  • Added workaround for Webroot users to filter out extraneous characters.
The update has also added support for:
  • 4 more Browsers: CCleaner Browser, LibreWolf, UR Browser, and Wavebox (All editions)
  • 4 more Email/Messaging clients: AdiIRC, Element, ProtonMail Bridge, RSSGuard (Pro and Premium)
  • 2 more Password Managers: NordPass, Remembear (Pro and Premium)
  • 2 more Encryption Apps: Cryptomator, NordLocker (Premium)
  • 1 more Cryptocurrency Wallets: Trezor Suite (Premium)
  • 1 more Financial App: Moneydance (Premium)
  • 1 more Cloud Storage App: pCloud Drive (Premium)

Patchnotes: What's New in KeyScrambler