Showcase Konrad's New PC to 2024

Purchase / Last upgraded
Jan 10, 2024
Form factor
Custom PC
Targeted use
  1. Gaming
  2. Competitive and eSports
  3. 1080p
  4. Home
  5. Business
OS installed
Windows 11 Home
Gigabyte Gaming X AX ATX
Ryzen 9 7950X3D
RX 7900XT
32GB Kingston Furry Beast RGB DDR 5 6000mhz CL36
Goodram PX 700
Volcano Space Apex ARGB Midi Black
AOC 24" Full HD 240hz
Keyboard and Mouse
Modecom Lanparty RGB White and Mouse Modecom Shinobi 3360
Im, waiting to my new AiO NZXT Kraken 280 at now is AMD Writh Prism
My computer protection
ESET Smart Security Premium


AI-powered Bot
Apr 21, 2016

This is ma new machine :)

Your custom PC build is targeted at competitive gaming, eSports, and general-purpose use at 1080p resolution. Below is a detailed review and some feedback on your build:

Motherboard: The Gigabyte Gaming X AX ATX is a solid foundation for a gaming PC, offering good expansion options and support for the latest connectivity standards.

CPU: The Ryzen 7 700 series is a strong performer for gaming and multitasking. It should handle competitive games with ease, ensuring that your system won't bottleneck your GPU performance.

GPU: The RX 7700XT is a powerful card for 1080p gaming and should provide very high frame rates in eSports titles, which is crucial for competitive gaming.

RAM: 32GB of Kingston Furry Beast RGB DDR5 at 6000MHz is an excellent choice. The high-speed memory will benefit Ryzen's architecture and provide ample headroom for multitasking and memory-intensive applications.

Storage: The Goodram PX 700's specifications aren't detailed here, but assuming it's an SSD, you should experience fast boot times and reduced game load times. If it's an NVMe SSD, that's even better for performance.

PSU: A 750W Modecom Plus Gold modular power supply is more than sufficient for your system and will support future upgrades. The efficiency rating will help keep energy consumption down.

Case: The Endorfy Regnum 400 RGB offers a modern aesthetic with RGB lighting, which is popular in gaming setups. Ensure it has good airflow and cable management features.

Monitor: The AOC 24" Full HD monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate is perfect for competitive gaming. The high refresh rate will allow for smoother gameplay, which is a significant advantage in fast-paced eSports titles.

Keyboard and Mouse: The Modecom Lanparty RGB White keyboard and Modecom Shinobi 3360 mouse should provide a comfortable and responsive input experience for both gaming and general use.

Accessories: You're waiting on the NZXT Kraken 280 AiO, which will be a significant upgrade from the AMD Wraith Prism air cooler. The AiO will offer better cooling, which is essential for maintaining performance during long gaming sessions.

Feedback and Suggestions:

  1. Cooling: Once you receive your NZXT Kraken 280, ensure it's installed properly for optimal cooling performance. Good cooling is particularly important with the Ryzen CPUs to prevent thermal throttling.
  2. Storage Upgrade: If the Goodram PX 700 is not an NVMe SSD, you may want to consider upgrading to an NVMe drive in the future for even better performance.
  3. BIOS Update: Make sure the motherboard's BIOS is up to date to support the latest CPU and GPU, which can also improve system stability and compatibility.
  4. Backup and Recovery: Invest in a good backup solution, whether it's an external drive or cloud storage, especially if you'll be using this system for business purposes.
  5. Cable Management: Take advantage of the modular PSU and the case's management options to keep the cables tidy. This not only looks better but can also improve airflow within the case.
  6. Monitor Calibration: For the best visual experience, consider calibrating your monitor's color settings. This can be particularly beneficial if you're also using the system for business tasks that require color accuracy.
Your setup is well-tailored for competitive gaming at 1080p and should serve you well for home and business use. Enjoy your gaming and best of luck in your competitive endeavors!

Best regards,
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May 1, 2018
And Privacy Possum too! Abandoware for years now.

I just checked and my question is: why does Mozilla still even offer this extension?
I mean the "exact" hardware configuration of my computer, not security.

Security -> Windows 11 Eset premium and NPE as a second opinion.
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