Recent changes
Nov 1, 2020
Device priority
Primary device
Operating system
Windows 10
account
Sign in with local account
Log-in security
    • Account password
Account permissions
Standard account
Security updates
Automatically allow security and feature updates
Windows UAC
Always notify
Malware samples
No - Malware samples are not purposely downloaded
Real-time Malware protection
Windows Defender
Bitdefender Total Security 2021
Firewall protection
Custom - Provided by a third-party security vendor
RTP configuration
Bitdefender 2021
Periodic scanners
VPN and Privacy
Browser(s) and Add-ons
None at present
Maintenance tools
Photos and Files backup
Macrium Reflect
File backup schedule
Manually managed on a weekly basis
Backup and rollback
VMs and backups
Backup schedule
Manually managed on a weekly basis
Activity usage
  1. Generic web browsing
  2. Checking web mail and emails
  3. Shopping
  4. Financial and sensitive documents
  5. Working from home
  6. Office software and video conferencing
Computer hardware
XEON E5 2650 8 Core
1TB Intel SSD
Window 10 latest Updated and FR


Level 1

So I upgraded my Tower and did a full Install of Windows 10

I wanted to get peoples view on the most efficient security

I am currently relying on Bitdefender Total Sec 2021
Log in to the device with a standard account
Use BD Chrome Plugin

I did use Voodoshield before but wanted to get peoples views on what else I need that can coexist and work with the above.

OSArmour oe Voodshield with Bitdefender?

May thanks


Staff member
Malware Hunter

In Photos and Files Backup , consider also cloud services.

In Browsers and Extensions, You may add uBlock Origin or AdGuard AdBlocker.

A PassWord Manager would be welcome also.

Since You are using BD TS I would say You don't need any other real-time solution unless your surfing habits tend to the dark side...

Please kindly reflect Your changes editing Your config, and announcing them here, thanks for sharing :)