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Kryptel is an encryption tool that provides fast, reliable, and failure-resistant protection of sensitive data using industry standard AES 256-bit encryption. Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface combined with advanced encryption technologies makes military-strength data protection affordable for everyone.

Other features of Kryptel include encrypted backups, secure file deletion (shredding), data compression, batch encryption capabilities, and integration into Windows’ right-click context menu. It even comes in a portable version you can run on any computer from a USB flash drive, without installing.

Kryptel includes all the major features you’d expect from top-notch encryption software. Besides basic encryption/decryption operations, this edition can do encrypted backups and script-driven encryption jobs. Kryptel includes powerful Kryptel Browser for inspecting and modifying encrypted containers, and can be run from a USB drive.

Kryptel Standard 8.0.5 -(Multi computer lifetime license)
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  • Lifetime license only for Kryptel Standard version 8.0.5
  • It is not subject to upgrade to future versions.
  • It does not include free technical support.
  • The program is intended for personal use only.

Serious Noize

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I'm very interested in this software. Any opinions etc?
I've tried it in the past, I never had any issues with it.One thing to keep in mind, the giveaway version is the standard edition, so it doesn't have Native 64-bit processing, it also doesn't utilize multi-core processors to speed up encryption, only the enterprise edition supports those two features.

Link to edition comparisons.