Level 32
The latest ransomware that everyone needs to watch out for is called Kupidon, and it targets not only corporate networks, but also home user's personal data.

First spotted by MalwareHunterTeam on May 9th after being uploaded to ID-Ransomware, it quickly increased distribution, and victims started streaming into the ransomware identification site.

A sample of the ransomware has not been discovered at this time, but based on conversations with victims and uploaded files, we can provide general information.
This ransomware is targeting both personal users and businesses, most likely through exposed remote desktop servers.

Once the threat actors gain access, they manually encrypt the files on the victim's computers. When encrypting data, it will append the .kupidon extension to the file's name.

For example, as shown below, a file named 'JM tag.jpg' will be encrypted and renamed to 'JM tag.jpg.kupidon.'