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As always online transactions or other critical information exchange even in encrypted may cause risks for anyone who want to interrupt or hack some parts of website which primarily dangerous.

Offline > Online tools always win in that purpose.


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March 2015 is when I made the move to KeePass from LastPass Premium after I felt that such a service would always be a target and it's only a matter of time, either it be black hat patience, fundamental weaknesses or a dirty insider job.

Regardless, I don't like the risk factor and in spite of all spouted protection they tell us that your passwords are secure, In the end you just have to take their word for it don't you? And hope the worst doesn't happen.

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(Extension allowing Google Chrome to form-fill passwords stored in KeePass.)
(Extension allowing Firefox based browsers to form-fill passwords stored in KeePass.)

All plugins for KeePass:

If you're going to continue using LastPass, think of enabling Two-factor verification - A little extra hassle for that proper peace of mind.


If your password is "12345" or password hint is "count to 5" you might be in trouble and consider changing your credentials.
Lastpass have locked your IP address so that anyone trying to access your account from a different device, will have to verify themselves.

This said, it will remain the service i trust and use.


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I am not going to move away from the LastPass, strong master password, have 2factor authentication, all those stuff on their servers are encrypted. Even if the hacker breach the server, he cannot know where the one file starts and where it ends and the next one starts again. No one can enter the vault besides a places I defined.
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