Lighthouse50's Security Config


Level 7
Oct 31, 2013
Maybe add Zemana Anti Malware as On - Demand Scanner also uBlock Origin extension would make your browsing experience better by removing ads.

For Data backup you should consider something as well as system image too.


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Jul 28, 2016
hI welcome to Mt and sharing your config with us , I noticed that you do not use any backup programs? imho this is never wise to do unless you are backing up your important stuff onto an extenal hdd/ssd , if not I would use a free program like macrium reflect free or aomei backupper standard ( both excellent options ) for more browsing safety if would suggest to add the following extensions to chrome : ublock origin and lastpass.

DJ Panda

Level 30
Aug 30, 2015
I would consider adding Zemana Anti-Malware for scanning and enabling Smartscreen (Pretty sure it only applies to IE in 7 but better safe than sorry.) :)
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King Alpha

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Jun 21, 2013
Hello @Lighthouse50, There's a lot of things you should consider. Enabling SmartScreen filter - It is very important to enable this security feature though some users feel SmartScreen isn't really necessary and is an annoyance. It is meant to protect you from harm online. Add another on-demand scanner like Zemana AntiMalware, HitmanPro, Crystal Security etc. Lastly, add a backup software (AOMEI Backupper or Macrium Reflect - both have free version) and an external HDD (if you don't have one) for you personal and important files. If you ask me, it can be a life-saver.

Thanks for sharing your config. ;)
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Oct 23, 2012
In Windows 7 Smartscreen is for "IE8 or later"
Please edit your config to change Firewall to Windows since Bullguard AV does not have a Firewall or list your 3rd party Firewall in real time protection.
Consider additional on demand scanner(s).
What if any extensions do you use in Chrome? Should at least consider HTTPS Everywhere and uBlock Origin.
Consider some type of data and system backup solutions.
Thanks for sharing your config :)


Level 85
Mar 15, 2011
Fine configuration but seems you need to implement some important layers as mentioned by others.

Bullguard AV is fine considering of using Bitdefender engine.