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'Link Alert
' extensions on Chrome (and chromium forks), and too on Firefox (and FF forks) from independent developers - but with this same name, both very good , little indispensable extensions, I have!

On Chrome's extension page we read:
This extension displays an icon next to the cursor indicating the target of a link.
.. These days a link can take you just about anywhere. Wouldn't it be really handy if you had some indication of what you were clicking on? With Link Alert you do!
It'll highlight links with a little tooltip indicating where the link is likely to take you.
For example, links to PDFs show a small PDF icon in the tooltip, external links show an icon and you can even see which links aren't secure from secure pages.

You have the option to select which icons are shown as well as changing some aspects of the display of the tooltip, such as the background and border colours.

In Chrome extension, I ticked: Applications, JavaScript, Registry Files, Compressed Files, File, Java Server Pages.
- in Firefox extension, I notched: Applications, Javascript Files, RegEdit Files, ZIP Files, JavaScript Links.


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No EDIT function today - the two links in the first post have joined together, and that's why they don't work, so I'll post you here again the two separated for life:

For Chrome and Chromium forks: Link Alert

For Firefox, Pale Moon: Link Alert – Add-ons for Firefox

Examples of Firefox user comments:

This is the kind of add-on you install and forget. You forget it not because it is not working or useless, but because it should be a built-in feature !
It really miss me if I don't have it.

An excellent extension that does what it says.
I hope it continues to work, as it has not been updated since 2011.

- so it work, continues to work, then no problem if has been not updated, I think.
I use the two, and no problems.

- very useful security extensions!


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OK., I've posted many topics about many extensions... maybe you know all of them, or some?
Maybe you're interested in having browser extensions, a little or not at all? And you prefer to have software defenders?
Aren't you interested in having extra defenders in browsers?
Tell me frankly: have you browsers (some, or nothing...)? Okay. I'm kidding around here.;)


I found too another Chrome extension: Executable Extension Blocker : offered by travis.fielder Version: 1.0.0 Updated: February 22, 2016 Size: 15.66KiB = nothing...

Executable Extension Blocker

Blocks ability to download 50 executable file types.

Currently blocks:

- but this nice two 'Link Alert' extensions from above are better, I think. And sufficient, please:)

Yeah, BIG post.:sneaky:
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