Technology Linux Surpasses 4 Percent Usage Share on the Desktop for the First Time


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Apr 24, 2016
Is the year of the Linux desktop finally upon us? Linux desktop usage has grown dramatically in the past year, hitting 4.03 percent worldwide as of this month.

That’s according to Statcounter, anyway, which shows that Linux usage now stands at 4.03 percent, compared to 72.13 percent for Windows, 15.46 percent for macOS, and 2.26 percent for Chrome OS. Granted, Linux usage still trails that of “other,” which now accounts for 6.11 percent of usage.

But still. One year ago, Linux usage on the desktop was just 2.94 percent. And while it is much easier to grow when you’re small, Linux usage has been stalled in the very small single digits for literally forever. And so this sudden one-year growth of 137 percent is both interesting and notable. As Linuxiac points out, it took Linux over 30 years to exceed 3 percent usage share on the desktop, a milestone it achieved in June 2023.

While it’s not clear what’s responsible for this sudden surge in interest after so many decades of disinterest, we can safely assume that Linux desktop usage is limited mostly to developers, enthusiasts, and to some degree gamers, and not to mainstream business users or consumers. But with Microsoft increasingly enshittifying Windows, there’s a new incentive for more people to shop around, and thus an opportunity for macOS, Chrome OS, and, yes, Linux.


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Apr 21, 2016
This is indeed a significant milestone for Linux. The growth may be attributed to various factors such as dissatisfaction with other OS, the increasing popularity of open-source software, and the growing number of developers and tech enthusiasts. It'll be interesting to see if this trend continues.
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Mar 13, 2022

ForgottenSeer 107474

I installed Linux on a Desktop because it could not run Windows 11. Did not wanted to wait until EOL of Windows 10. To my surprise the Linux Mint alternative software experuence was okay (not great, but good enough) after applying some tweaks ( downloading Windows fonts was most important in combination with tweaking libre office and Thunderbird to look like M$ office).


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Apr 16, 2017
I don't wanna brag, but I told you so...

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