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Does anybody here use some form of Linux? I have always been interested in Linux. I have downloaded Ubuntu before and never really gave it a try. I don't know much about Linux and want to learn. I have downloaded Ubuntu 11.10 and don't know where to begin. I'm reading all about the kernel, shell, file structure etc. (its like studying for A+ again :D ). I know security isn't as big as an issue and an antivirus wouldn't be as big of a deal, but does it have a firewall? I heard something about it having IP tables?
Does anyone know any good resources to get me started? Do you use Linux, why?
Why would anyone use Linux over Windows apart from it being more secure and free?


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Linux lightweight, does not need that much ram
I use ubuntu 11.10, in the old laptop with only 1.5 GB of ram. it does not lag at all, very responsive.
I've even tried it on a VM, with 512MB ram, not slow.

I use ubuntu, just for browsing (sometimes)
I dual-booted ubuntu with windows 7 (on the old laptop)

hopefully will be helpful for you.
resources for you (you can read it):


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I use Kubuntu because I hate Ubuntu's default GUI.
Ubuntu is also more stable than Windows in general. There is no such thing as the registry so you won't have all of those fun little problems with registry errors, and Kernel errors (BSODs in windows, Kernel Panics in linux) are much less common.
KDE (Which is what Kubuntu uses as its GUI) is very similar to the Windows GUI, so getting used to it should not take too long, and preinstalled programs are enough to get you by.
If you need a piece of software that isn't currently installed on the computer, the Ubuntu/Muon Software Centre, for Ubuntu and Kubuntu, respectively, will probably have it somewhere if you know what to search for.


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I am sure that James also uses this but I have started to like Puppy Linux.
Puppy Linux
I like Puppy Linux and all it's features that come with it.
I think James will also tell you what he thinks of it.


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For a great start for starter using Linux then Puppy Linux. It was designed for older machines even a low RAM like 32MB or even newer machine.

This is based in Ubuntu and its easy to use. You can do what you are planning.

Common programs are available in Puppy Linux but not most of the program would work for Puppy Linux however that comes in source code on how it would work.

its easy no need to install in hard drive, just use USB as portable and your done. :)


i have xubuntu on the old desktop and to be fair i prefer the xubuntu to kde or gnome

used to use it mainly for browsing and to play around.

Do have xubuntu on vmware on my laptop but i only used it like twice


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I have used Ubuntu since 10.10 and I can say it's good but I recommend you get Linux Mint if you are a beginner user.
Linux Mint:


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Your best bet in Linux Mint since it's one of the easiest Linux Distros to use for a user that came from Windows.


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Thanks for the feedback. I've downloaded Kubuntu and liking the interface better than Ubuntu. I will try Puppy linux and Linux Mint also to compare.


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If you're comparing, you might also give PCLinuxOS a try. KDE is the default desktop, (which I prefer) but it also has LXDE and XFCE.

One of the nice things about PCLinuxOS is that it is a rolling distribution. Meaning, if you keep on top of the updates, you'll never be faced with the large update when a new version is released, like you will with Kubuntu.
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