macOS Exploit Published on the Last Day of 2017 (update probably not coming in the next days)

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    Do you know way to patch or protect?
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    The vulnerability which is exploited resides in kernel-mode software, a critical component for the OS X environment. Disabling it ruins functionality/prevents the system from working depending on how critical the device driver is, and it running without a patch for the vulnerability leaves it vulnerable. You can wait for Apple to patch it, which will be soon I suspect. even if its alleged it won't be.

    The best thing you can do is to be careful with what you put on your system, and then you'll be fine. The vulnerability can't be exploited if there's nothing running which is malicious and has the ability to exploit it. However, the attack vector is likely low because OS X attacks are a lot less than with Operating System's like Windows, simply because OS X enforces privileges/rights differently and it tends to be easier to attack Windows, which means more likelihood for an attacker to make money.

    If its a critical vulnerability then it'll be fixed but honestly even if it wasn't patched for the next year I doubt it'd be exploited much in malware because the OS X market for malware is quite bland as it is already. It'll probably be fixed within a week or two which isn't that bad
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