Macrium Reflect v7.2.5107


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Aug 17, 2014
Bug fixes and Improvements v7.2.5107 - 5th August 2020
  • Reflect hanging after running a backup
    Release 7.2.5098 could cause ReflectBin.exe to hang at the end of a backup. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes and Improvements v7.2.5098 - 5th August 2020


  • We've added a new confirmation prompt when extending a partition beyond 2TB on an MBR disk. Extending beyond 2TB will cause the disk layout to be converted to GPT format and will cause MBR system disks to be non-bootable. In the rescue media, we've also added a warning to indicate that disks converted to GPT will not be accessible by Windows XP and Server 2003.
  • When copying an MBR 'Active' partition to an existing non 'Active' partition the target partition may not get marked 'Active' after restoring. This has been resolved.
Automatic system restore for 32 bit systems
  • If initiating a system restore in Windows causes the boot menu to be automatically added then, for 32 bit systems, local NIC and mass storage drivers may not be copied. This has been resolved.
Changed Block Tracker
  • Fixed a permission issue that prevented the Encrypted File System (EFS) from encrypting some files on volumes that were formatted while CBT was active.
  • Improved compatibility with Windows 10 build 2004.
  • Various minor fixes and changes to improve Macrium Reflect.​
Source: Macrium Reflect Patch Details
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Mar 16, 2019
A question for Macrium Reflect users, is it possible to make the restore process fully automatic? I mean while restoring I need to confirm some actions twice at least during the restore process which is often annoying as I usually want to click restore and leave my PC till the restore is done.