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Make your Windows 10 taskbar fully transparent

I followed an interesting guide here because i was not liking my totally black or a-bit-transparent black taskbar my Windows 10 had. I find this really attractive and much more abstract :)

This is how my desktop looks now:

Full picture:

Do you like it? Follow this easy steps!

To get started, download the latest release of TranslucentTB.

Wherever you put the application, go head and launch it. You’ll see the effects immediately, as the taskbar becomes blurred.

You’ll find an icon for the application in your system tray, which offers two main options: Blur or Clear.

I recommend clear since it's much more attractive (that's what i use!).

How to Start TranslucentTB at Boot

Like the look, but want it to start when you boot Windows? That’s easy. First, press the Windows key and R to launch the Run command.

Type shell:startup and hit Enter. A File Explorer window will open to the Startup folder. Drag your TranslucentTB executable to this folder with the right mouse button.

When you let go, you’ll be asked what you’d like to do. Select “Create shortcuts here.”

You’ve now created a shortcut to your executable in the startup folder, meaning the application will launch at boot.


Original article: How to Make Your Windows 10 Taskbar Completely Transparent


You know when you find something you really like buried on a site somewhere and then you forget to bookmark it? And then suddenly, you simply have to have it back but naturally it has vanished off the earth.
That's me and Rainmeter and the transparent task bar.

Just the knickknacks now minus the yucky black stripe. :)

Screenshot (1).png


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The transparency effect is one of the nice things on Windows 7; I don't understand why Microsoft decided to kill it from the further versions of Windows.
Thats an interesting observation there, see they had to do away with the transparency and all that other to better focus their ability
to skim and scrape all that lovely telemetry data, that they promise they will use ethically :p roflmao
Seriously though, they did it because they could, it served no purpose other than to say "No you can't do that" plain and simple.
MS is more brazenly displaying their ability to be the bullies of the software industry some accuse them of being.


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@Lockdown , forgot to mention you. Thank you @XhenEd
I shut down Appguard protection so that I could launch Translucent from user space (my default download location) then make it start on boot (not via Task Scheduler).
After rebooted, Translucent auto-start successfully but Appguard service. Re-enabling Appguard protection or not before the reboot doesn't help.
Now I'm scared to re-produce the scenario as it might stop working foreverrr :p


Hey, @RoboMan :): It seemed just dragging the executable to startup section was sufficient. There was no little menu to create a shortcut for me, yet several restarts revealed the transparent tb after a tiny delay. Shows up in task manager's Startup programs with a "medium" impact. Very nice!