Malicious Android apps with 1M+ installs found on Google Play


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Apr 24, 2016
A set of four malicious applications currently available in Google Play, the official store for the Android system, are directing users sites that steal sensitive information or generate ‘pay-per-click’ revenue for the operators.

Some of these sites offer victims to download fake security tools or updates, to trick users into installing the malicious files manually.

At the time of publishing, the apps are still present on Google Play under a developer account called Mobile apps Group, and have a total install count of more than one million.

According to a report from Malwarebytes, the same developer was exposed twice in the past for distributing adware on Google Play but it was allowed to continue publishing apps after submitting cleaned versions.

The four malicious apps uncovered this time are:
  • Bluetooth Auto Connect, with over 1,000,000 installs
  • Bluetooth App Sender, with over 50,000 installs
  • Driver: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, with over 10,000 installs
  • Mobile transfer: smart switch, with over 1,000 installs
The apps don’t have favorable reviews on Google Play and many users left comments about intrusive ads that open automatically in new browser tabs.

Interestingly, the developer responds to some of these comments, offering to help resolve the ad problems.


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Nov 11, 2022
This, ladies and gentleman, is why all users accessing company data from a cellphone must be on a work provided phone with only specific apps available to download. Most companies are allowing users access to their work email / resources from their personal phones with no BYOD policies in place. When your business can suffer a data leak to a bad app it is time to reevaluate what devices and what requirements those devices must meet to access company data.

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