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Malware Defender is a HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) software, users can write their own rules to guard against viruses, against the Trojans. In addition, Malware Defender provides many effective tools to detect and remove already installed on your computer system with malicious software. Recommended for a more in-depth understanding of computer system users.

Main Features:
Monitoring a wide range: the applications, files, registry, and a comprehensive network monitoring. Small footprint: the CPU and memory resources are limited, the impact on system performance is relatively small.Aids all: to provide comprehensive tools to manage computer systems, including process, file, registry, network port, auto-run program and other information management.

Download for 32-bit Windows only.


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I used Malware Defender about a year ago, and although it is pretty cool because of the control you have as far as being able to monitor processes and having lots of advanced settings for teckies, it was also pretty annoying because of tons of pop ups. And the tests I've seen done on past versions, it didn't seem very good at blocking malware. Unless it's improved a lot in the past year, Comodo's Defense + is a much better product as far as HIPS. How would you compare MD with something like Threatfire? Don't they kind of work the same way? Just curious since I haven't tested it in a while. Thanks for the thread, I'm wondering what other users think of it now.


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Malware Defender - HIPS

Hi, I've found a HIPS software called Malware Defender, developed by Do you think it is any better than Comodo Defense+?

Malware Defender is a HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) with low resource usage and latency. It is effective to protect your computer system from all forms of malware (viruses, worms, Trojans, adware, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits, etc.).

Malware Defender is also an advanced rootkit detector. Malware Defender provides many tools that allow you to detect and remove installed malware.

Whether you are an expert or not, Malware Defender is your choice to protect your system.

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RE: Malware Defender - HIPS

If i didnt use Comodo D+ i prefer using Online Armor.


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Malware Defender used to be a paid program just recently became freeware.
It is more complex than other HIPS solutions and has a full administrator registry editor and watcher that even can list hidden keys by rootkits. Of coarse only for advanced users who want complete control and don't mind a lot of pop up notifications.

It doesn't rely on any whitelists, so you will get a lot of popups until it is completely manually configured to allow processes.

Comodo and Online Armor are more simple to configure because of the whitelists allow known safe processes but then you have to trust their whitelists.

Malware Defender trusts nothing unless to configure it to.
I have used it in the past, it is very stable and light on resources but I really didn't need the extra protection since just an AV, basic firewall and my own knowledge keep me safe from malware.

Excellent product for those who want it or need full control.