Level 40
We're happy to announce the release of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Beta 1.13 Build 98.
This is a full Beta version with premium features available to Free users:
Download this Release version here
  • Improved protection techniques for browsers and MS Office applications
  • Improved exclusion capabilities
  • Updated shield list to include Chrome and Edge Browsers
  • Improvements to reduce False Positives
Stability/issues fixed:
  • Improved Logging capabilities
  • Internal Product Improvements



Level 12
Anyone running MBAE alongside Windows Defender with all Exploit Guards enabled? Is it worthwhile to do so? I'm thinking WDEG and SmartScreen is sufficient for someone with pretty safe browsing habits but would like to stand corrected if need be. I use both Edges at the moment.. Because of ongoing monitoring for a hardware issue, I'm not running any other security software right now.