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Mar 29, 2018

Malwarebytes would like to announce that we have released a beta build of our Browser Guard extension which supports the Manifest v3 requirements set forth from Google. While we don’t necessarily align with the requirement changes we are committed to supporting our customers as best we can.

The rules included with extensions were divided by Manifest V3 into static (built-in) and dynamic rules and their number is drastically limited.

For static rules, the minimum guaranteed limit is 30,000 rules per extension and a total limit of 330,000 rules for all extensions installed by a single user. The challenge is that one extension could use the entire allowed number of rules.

For dynamic rules there is a much smaller limit of 5,000 rules.

The current versions of Browser Guard rely on millions of rules. Regardless of the challenges in the smaller rulesets, we want to provide an excellent experience for you!

If either limit is encountered we will present a message advising.


To use our Beta version of Browser Guard please follow these steps:

  1. Disable the current version
    1. Right click on the extension icon in your address bar
    2. Click “Manage Extension”
    3. Toggle off
  2. Enable the beta version
    1. Navigate to Malwarebytes Browser Guard Beta
    2. Click “Add to Chrome”
    3. Follow any install instructions
If you encounter an issue or have a question please share that feedback within this Forum area as a new topic.

We sincerely appreciate your support
Malwarebytes Browser Guard Beta for Manifest V3


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Jan 18, 2024
Thanks @oldschool, I tried it just out of curiosity, some observations:
  • The lag I always felt is gone (y)
  • Malware protection is great (y)
  • It now also applies ad block heuristics (y)
  • It does not block Youtube pre-roll ads (n)


Tried 3 https samples from Abuse.CH, Openphish and Phistank: MBAM blocked 8 - Chrome Safe Browsing 1


Note the Heuristics ad block count! MBAM Mv3 joins Privacy Badger and Ghostery using heuristics for adblocking

Workaround: install a Youtube specific Adblocker and only allow it to run on
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