Advice Request Malwarebytes premium like primary AV?

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Jul 26, 2012
if you want something good you should probably try bitdefender. it costs almost the same, has way more shields, and the Advance Threat Defense is incredible. I just tested it with 50 new malware samples with the AV turned off and caught everything with the behavior blocker. i`m really impressed. think i`m going to stick to BD for a while, maybe even buy a license. I`m sorry ESET.. 🙈🙉🙊


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Aug 7, 2017
I use Norton 360 Deluxe, Kaspersky TS and BDTS on different home PCs and all run Malwarebytes Premium as a secondary on-demand scanner. MBAM is a disappointment for price vs features and performance too. I will not renew my subscription. Don't waste your money on this overpriced "me-too" app. Seriously! Use the free version if you have to but please don't pay for a subscription.

Get Norton/KTS/BDTS or other full fledged security suite of your choice for the same amount or less $. You won't regret it.


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Jan 17, 2019
I've been using it as my primary AV for a while as I bought a license valid until 2024. They have improved greatly lately, and it's now light on ressource and doesn't cause any problem. As a matter of fact, after testing most AVs out there, ESET and Malwarebytes are the two antivirus that didn't cause me any problem.


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Oct 11, 2019
Malwarebytes is not perfect and may not be the best but with frequent updates and releases they are slowly trying to strive to be. They improved much from version 3.0 which i never personally used. but with the current version its protection is acceptable. They are probably the best when it comes to privacy no scandals or BS.


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Oct 2, 2020

ForgottenSeer 89360

I love how some users rely on "privacy scandals" to get along with their choice supportive bias. Does the lack of privacy scandal automatically mean privacy consciousness? As far as I remember, FB didn't have a privacy scandal till one point either.
If you wanna get me into your fanboy bandwagon tell me about what's good in your product, not what's bad in others.

Regarding the claims that Malwarebytes "has improved" and is "acceptible", Malwarebytes is being ran by a bunch of clowns. I have submitted threats to them and their behavuour has been unprofessional, and disinterested to put it simply. Btw Malwarebytes not only doesn't have behavioural blocking in this day and age, but also has no evidence of using any sort of cloud/reputation and their engine doesn't even support scanning of scripts. Their ransomware protection and anti-exploit are a joke, and there is no sort of firewall/IPS. The only decent component is Browser Guard and can easily be replaced with products from other companies too.
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Jan 29, 2017
I met some people bought the license because they saw the words "malware crushing tech" on Malwarebytes website :rolleyes:
If the subject in that phrase is "malware", the verb... "crushing", and the direct object... "tech", I would say that accurately describes that organization.

Later, we will consider sentence diagramming.

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