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Hello everyone,
Today we would like to announce some of the changes that we've done:

1. MalwareTips Black Wave - Our new dark layout

We've replaced the "MalwareTips Midnight" theme with the "MalwareTips Black Wave" layout. With this new theme we've tried to keep as many elements as possible from the default theme, and use colors that are easy on the eyes. Unlike the Midnight theme, these new layout uses slightly less darker backgrounds for a better visibility and we've also changed the font colors so that they will be easier to read.
You can switch to this theme by using the "Dark Mode" toggle (see below) or using the Style Chooser in the footer.


Here is a comparison of our previous dark layout with the new "MalwareTips Black Wave" theme.

2. Dark Mode
While having a new layout is great, some members didn't know that they can switch to a dark layout so we've decided to add a toggle. With this new Dark Mode toggle, switching between the light theme (MalwareTips Wave) and the dark theme (MalwareTips Black Wave) is faster and easier to do than using the Style Chooser. The Dark Mode toggle is available in the User Panels on the sidebar and pop-up menu (see screenshots below).



3. New Feed

We've added a new page to our community : News Feed. On this new page members can scroll and read the latest threads that were created in our community. The News Feed page will show the full content of the first post in the thread, along with a "View thread" button, reactions, number of replies and other data.


To navigate to the News Feed page, we've added a button alongside the "New Posts" and "Post Thread" buttons and a link under the Forums tab.