Massive cybercrime URL shortening service uncovered via DNS data


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Nov 10, 2017
An actor that security researchers call Prolific Puma has been providing link shortening services to cybercriminals for at least four years while keeping a sufficiently low profile to operate undetected.

In less than a month, Prolific Puma has registered thousands of domains, many on the U.S. top-level domain (usTLD), to help with the delivery of phishing, scams, and malware.

Short URL service for cybercriminals​

Researchers from Infoblox, a DNS-focused security vendor that looks at 70 billion DNS queries daily, first observed Prolific Puma activity six months ago, after detecting a registered domain generation algorithm (RDGA) to create the domain names for the malicious URL shortening service.

Using specialized DNS detectors, they were able to track the malicious network as it evolved and abused the usTLD to facilitate crime on the internet.

Because of the nature of link shortening services, Infoblox could track the short links but not the final landing page, despite detecting a large number of interconnected domains exhibiting suspicious behavior.

“We eventually captured several instances of shortened links redirecting to final landing pages that were phishing and scam sites” - Infoblox

Some of the short links from Prolific Puma led directly to the final destination but others pointed to multiple redirects, even other shortened links, before getting to the landing page.

Infoblox says that there were also cases where accessing the short link took the user to a CAPTCHA challenge, likely to protect from automated scans.

Because of this inconsistency in what Prolific Puma’s short links loaded next, the researchers believe that multiple actors are using the service.

The delivery method for these links also varies and includes social media and advertisements but evidence points to text messages as the main channel.

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