MAX AI Based Korean AV

What's your opinion about AI based AVs

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Level 1
Mar 10, 2017
2018-07-17 (ver: Update (Release Note)

[Bug fixes]

- Fixed disabling malware detection notification error. (#61)
- Fixed issue where MAX agent could not launch MAX updater due to folder permissions. (#88)
- We migrated the MAX API server to the Amazon Web Service. (#90)
- Fixed an issue where event number error and MAX process terminated when clicking Refresh multiple times in log (motion record). (#93, #96)
- Fixed an issue where the inactive process state was not released in the Running Process Malware Check Status View. (#95)
- Improved to disable button if item in quarantine is not selected. (#97)
- Corrected and supplemented the text that comes up when I click on the version to update MAX. (#98)
- The length of the tool tip in the log shortens, supplementing the problem that it is difficult to see its contents. (#99)
- API key authentication button Corrected and supplemented after the authentication processing. (#102)
- Fixed an issue where exclusion was set but some malware on the desktop was detected by realtime protection. (#104)
- Supplementing the problem of continuous detection of the same malicious files. (#105)
- When using 'game mode', we modified the logic so that if malicious code is detected, action is taken automatically without asking users. (#111)
- Fixed a problem that the MAX agent with many contents detected during malware scanning terminates when the detection contents are output to the list.


Level 1
Mar 10, 2017
Give it a chance for it to upload all of the suspicious files to the AI server (about 3 hours) on a 7 mbps upload . Recommended a reboot after the first install and wait till the computer become usable. Iit is busy doing a prescan and upload after the installed.