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The new DeepSAFE technology developed by McAfee and Intel will bring innovative advancements to virtual security by making an efficient combination between hardware and software resources that will work from an inferior level compared to the operating system to better detect and prevent potential breaches.

Because cybercriminals are inventing ways of taking over computing machines, the security solutions providers must also come up with new means of dealing with attacks.

The methods used by DeepSAFE will rely on technologies already available in hardware products, to help protection applications deal with infections from a "deeper" position.

“McAfee DeepSAFE uses hardware features already in the Intel processors to provide security beyond the OS. From this unique vantage point, DeepSAFE can apply new techniques to deliver a whole new generation of protection in real time to prevent malicious activity and not just detect infections,” revealed Todd Gebhart, co-president of McAfee.
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I find this very interesting. Even with McAffe not having a great track record, if they could combine the Hardware resources with a solution, that will harden the system, it would be a step in the right direction... Although I am still going to be a fan of virtualization, keeping the infections from even making into the system altogether.


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With the rollout of DeepSAFE, McAfee delivers:

A technology platform for future security solutions
A trusted view of system events beyond the operating system
A new method to block sophisticated advanced persistent threats (APTs) and stealth techniques in real time, before they have a chance to hide
The ability to uncover threats that traditional operating system-based security does not detect
McAfee DeepSAFE Information
At first when I seen this I thought why choose such a poor company such as McAfee... (no need to explain further right?) but then it dawned on me that after reading that Intel bought them that was the reason why! Wonder how cheap Intel got them for, because can assure you that this must of been the main motive. Good move for Intel, bailout for McAfee who will be under huge pressure to perform for the new owner. This is a good step in providing more security at a hardware level, but for how long we do not know surely! Some point this will either be flawed, or a way will be found out to bypass such a thing then the whole cycle starts again.

In all things IT between the good and bad, it's a never ending perpetual cycle going back and forth.

Valentin N

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lets hope it's good and that it doesn't stop the user from using alternative AV/IS. McAffe would be the last company I would work with; due to the bad record thy have.


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Good move from McAfee and Intel. I do hope that they will do better in the future though since they haven't been doing great in the last years.


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That is a good thing that McAfee and Intel did. Plus that means more chance of infection.


There's always something new being brought out as a threat countermeasure, but they'll always be beaten at there own game.

Shame really.. :(
Well let's face it, Intel would of bought them for peanus keeping all cards close to their chest, as soon as they do a press release & sneak peak on what is about to come, the value of McAfee rises quite rapidly! Good move on Intel's part as said before by me and many, blessing for McAfee, now let's see how this one turns out, hurry up!!!! :p