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The first one seems very nice but probably comes with McAfee? I suppose the one your after gonna be your main one and understand you want a bigger but what size is your current?
At the moment, i only have a 32" so going a bit bigger will make for easier viewing but i will certanily look into it because i noticed it came with a "Samsung Smart Hub" and to me that sounds like where the dreaded McAfee is although there is no mention of McAfee anywhere on the description but perhaps smart hub is Samsungs own landing page with lots of useless stuff on it ( oops, just seen @Oldschools description of what Smart Hub is ) I may also change my mind, they say that that is a womans' prerogative so why not use that old cliché. :p

@Weebarra - forget about it. 55" is good, and will probably be a huge improvement over whatever you have now. My question is: are you going to be playing content with 4K quality. If not, don't waste your $$, and buy a regular Samsung smart HD. They still offer a couple of bigger models, last time I checked. We have a 60" we bought about 3 years ago. Fantastic!

EDIT: We added Roku since it was an early version of "smart hub" that has limited apps.
No i probably won't be watching 4K content and while i know that i can't future proof anything (who can) at least i have the option already built in should i ever get the opportunity tor feel the need to watch 4K. They have already moved on to 8K while i'm still playing catch up. It's a minefield, OLED, QLED, 4K, Smart, Non Smart, jeez, bring back
where all i had to worry about was where to stand with the antenna to get a half decent picture. :p

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If I get stuck with a non-removable FB I am not going to be happy. lol [/QUOTE]

I think a lot of the newer devices are giving consumers the ability to remove some apps now but you can at least disable them if they don't. I recently got a new tablet and i was very surprised that i could remove some crap that was installed on it, the rest, i just disabled. :)


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Update: Got the phone, it's sweeeeeeeeet, I mean beastly BEASTLY, I mean "pretty darned cool". It came with like 2 bloatware apps, 1 was FB and the other was Spotify. I uninstalled both (I don't have a Facebook account and I do have a Google Play Music/YT Music subscription) and that was the end of it.

Edit: Oh, McAfee. Guess you could call it bloatware? I mean it says McAfee Security for T-Mobile (my carrier). Anyway, I like it and I'm going to keep it! Beats having 9 Norton different apps installed..
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