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Level 7

McAfee® Total Protection Beta provides comprehensive, proactive security that guards what you value and shields your PC from interacting with potentially dangerous websites.
What's New ?

Touch Friendly UI:

  • Intuitive and Informative with access to all main features from home screen.
New Virusscan Engine Technology:
  • MTP 6.9 incorporates a new Virusscan Engine technology to manage threats and improve scan performance times.
  • This technology includes new Heiristics which aid in the discovery of potential Malware, that is not yet discovered or included in our DAT files.
Vulnerability Scanner:
  • MTP 6.9 can detect vulnerabilities and/or weaknesses in the top 25 applications and provide remediation by directing the user to the latest updates for these applications.
Improved Anti-Spam Technology:
  • Anti-spam engine will integrate with new technology that will enhance anti-spam ability to block spam and reduce false positives.
URL Filtering and Blocking:
  • This feature provides enhanced web protection by allowing the filtering and blocking of URL based on IP reputation.
Enhanced Firewall Leak Detection:
  • When this feature is turned on, it will allow enhanced protection from exploits that particularly target exploits in operating system and processes.
Rich Information about Bad IP's:
  • This is an enhancement to NetGuard functionality. When certain IP connections are blocked by the firewall, users will be alerted and will be provided with a url where they can get rich information about the blocked IP address, for example: location, domain, attributes that make it insecure etc.
Improved History and Log Page:
  • The history and logs page in the security center UI has been completely re-designed allowing easy access to latest events. This page also cleanly categorizes events and provides rich information about each event. Users can filter on the categories under Activity as shown in the second screenshot below and view the details of each activity by expanding on the activity under activity drawer.
Improved Security Reports:
  • The Security report has been completely re-designed. It not only captures useful information about how the product has been protecting consumers but captures it in a visually stimulating way providing appropriate images and links.
Quick Clean & Shredder:
  • QuickClean has been redesigned with improved user experience and richly integrated within the MSC.
Smart Timer Control:
  • Users can now enable/disable the Smart Timer function if so desired. The Smart Timer is used to establish the machines current usage and activity, then determine whether or not to perform operations such as scheduled scanning.
Improved Windows 7 Feature Adoption:
  • Product allows user to perform right-click scan on folders. With WSS 12.9 release, user can perform right-click scan on Windows 7 libraries as well.
Option for Full Un-Install:
  • Un-installation of the product will provide user with an additional option to perform complete and clean un-install. This option is useful in situations where user will not be re-installing McAfee product again on the same system. Not choosing this option and going with default un-install option allows for easy re-installs and as pertinent product set up related settings are retained upon un-install.
SiteAdvisor 3.5 is now stronger and faster:
  • SiteAdvisor 3.5 for Windows incorporates significant exploit protection enhancements as well as browser performance improvements.
SiteAdvisor 3.6 is now available in select regions:
  • When you shop online, nothing beats getting a great deal and when it's time to click "buy", nothing says trust better than the McAfee SECURE trustmark. SiteAdvisor 3.6 for Windows is piloting a new feature called Safe Shopping Rewards – a way for you to actually earn cash back from Ebates when you shop on select McAfee SECURE sites. This feature will be initially limited to US and Canada in English on Windows 7 Operating system.
Known Issues
Here are the known issues for this Beta release:

  1. This version of the McAfee Total Protection 6.9 Beta does not support help. Learn more links do not open the WebHelp.
  2. When upgrading to the McAfee Total Protection 6.9 Beta your resolution must be 1024 x 768 or greater.
  3. A script error might be displayed after you install the software for the first time. Restart your PC to fix the issue.
  4. When logged in as an administrator on a PC running Windwos XP, McAfee File Vaults might be removed during the upgrade. When prompted to complete a security questionnaire, complete the following steps instead:
    • Copy the contents from: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee Anti-Theft
    • Paste the copied files to: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\McAfee File Lock
    • Copy the contents from: C:\Documents & Settings\Administrator\LocalSettings\Application Data\McAfee Anti-Theft
    • Paste the copied files to: C:\Documents & Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\McAfee File Lock
    • Go to McAfee Vaults from My Computer or launch McAfee File Lock from the McAfee Secure Centre Home Page.


Level 7
Those all different pages show different version but inside the about tab I didn't find anything about its version.
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