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One of the most important improvements brought to Windows 10 users by the Anniversary Update released on August 2 is the addition of support for browser extensions, with Edge now becoming a fully-grown app that should be able to compete against Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

And while opinions on this are still mixed, Microsoft is working hard to bring more extensions on Windows 10, and recently the company confirmed that several new add-ons are already on their way.

The essential extension package can already be downloaded and installed by Windows 10 users, but it’s no secret that Edge is lagging behind rivals when it comes to the number of extensions available in their store, as both Chrome and Firefox offer a huge list of options at the moment.

uBlock Origin, Ghostery, & Turn Off the Lights on their way
The software firm, however, is working to address this, and the company has confirmed that several new extensions will be posted in the store very soon for all users. Insiders will get them first to try them out and provide feedback, just like it happens with Windows 10 features, but once the go-ahead is given, everyone should be able to download them from the store.

“We’re happy to announce that we're working with uBlock Origin, Ghostery, & Turn Off the Lights to bring their extensions to Microsoft Edge!” Microsoft announced. “We'll preview these extensions with Insiders first before rolling them out to everyone. Stay tuned here & the Insider blog for more details!”

There are no timing details as to when these new extensions could be released for users or insiders, but given that work is mostly in an advanced stage, it shouldn’t take too long before insiders get a chance to try them out. A new Windows 10 build is likely to go live this week and hopefully this would be the moment when Microsoft also releases these new extensions for users participating in the Insider program.


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More extensions to come :), but seems Microsoft Edge should improve more on the performance so that it will not suffer any users on using extensions.
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