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Apr 24, 2016
We often hear from users with questions about how browsers use memory. In today's post, we're diving into the multi-process architecture of Microsoft Edge, and how it relates to resource consumption on your PC:

Browsers today are more like operating systems than document viewers. Users are performing an increasing number of tasks in the browser, and fewer in desktop applications. However, every web page, web app, and extension uses memory. As a result, users are often concerned about how memory usage impacts their experience.

We’re working to develop solutions to address this concern. These solutions include providing websites and extensions developers with information to help them use fewer resources and helping users understand how their browsing habits can affect Microsoft Edge’s resource usage.
We’ll be sharing more about Microsoft Edge’s memory usage over the coming months, starting with today’s post diving into Microsoft Edge’s multi-process architecture. We hope this will provide insight into how Microsoft Edge is using your computer’s resources, how browsing habits impact resource usage, and how you can help us make Microsoft Edge even better.
Read the full story here on the Microsoft Edge Blog: