Update Microsoft is bringing its Defender ATP Antivirus software to Linux, iOS and Android



Yet another attempt to enter the already-oversaturated mobile market. Yet another failure. :D
Microsoft promised to bring "enhanced integration with mobile devices" by releasing the "My Phone" or "Your Phone", or whatever the name of that app was.
While it did bring some benefits for Android users, iPhone users could merely share a page from mobile device to PC and not even vice versa.
Defender ATP will be yet another underdeveloped and inconsistent mobile app, that will generate downloads initially, but will slowly die over time.
Microsoft style.


MS was never a genius schoolboy, but it is way better than before security-wise.
If not I wouldn't base my security strategy mainly on Win10ent built-in security features.

I agree that it has improved a lot. Microsoft made heavy investments and independent tests all confirm. The integration of the EMET toolkit was a great move.
Microsoft however, was very late doing all that. MS is always late in everything. Entering the mobile devices market is yet another example of that.

Handsome Recluse

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Nov 17, 2016
Top companies have so much variance in everything that I'm inclined to think that success is very dependent on luck in business. Partly a winner-takes-all kind. I wouldn't blame them for failing. Failure is a norm.