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Apr 24, 2016
What you need to know
  • Microsoft is working on a simplified experience for updating Teams.
  • A change to Teams will make it so users only need to approve an update once per app.
  • Changes to the app will take effect across chats, channels, and meetings following the update.
Microsoft Teams will soon have a simpler update process, thanks to a change that's on the way. An upcoming update to Teams will make it so users only need to approve an update once per app. A new addition to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap(opens in new tab) describes the new experience (via TechRadar):

"Users will have a clear and transparent app update experience. Users will only need to approve an update once per app, and the new version will take effect seamlessly in all their chats, channels and meetings."

Microsoft adds features to Teams on a regular basis. Usually, those roll out automatically. But if an update doesn't ship automatically for some reason, users have to install it manually. As highlighted by TechRadar, the current process can be a bit difficult. To manually check for an update, one has to jump to their profile and check or a new version of the app.

Details on the improved experience for updating Teams are scarce at the moment, but based on Microsoft's wording, it should become easier to install updates.

The entry was added to the roadmap on September 30, 2022 and will affect Teams on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and the web. The change could roll out as soon as October 2022, but that's not a firm goal. All release dates on the Microsoft 365 roadmap are subject to change.

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