Microsoft to Release New Outlook Lite App for Android This Month


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Aug 17, 2014
Microsoft's Outlook Lite app made its debut on Google Play Store last year to cater to users that utilize the email client on budget devices. It was designed to bring the main features of the original Outlook app to a lightweight app. While it does what it was set out to do very well, Microsoft hasn't introduced anything major since its launch. This is set to change in the next few months.

Microsoft is working on two major features for the Outlook Lite app. The lightweight Outlook app will allow users to use it as an SMS app. You will be able to send and receive text messages in the app, replacing your current default SMS app. However, Microsoft is working on this capability with users in India in mind. The functionality will be limited to that geographical area only.

The other new functionality Outlook Lite will bring to its users is Vernacular Voice Compose. This means users will be able to compose their emails in nine supported Indian languages using their voice. Not only that, but Outlook Lite users will also be able to translate their emails into another language before tapping the send button. However, Microsoft has not mentioned what these supported languages are yet.


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Nov 10, 2017
In August 2022, Microsoft launched the Outlook Lite email app for low-end Android smartphones. The idea was to give users of cheaper Android devices in select regions an email client that takes up much less storage compared to other email apps, while still offering fast performance, even for phones that connect to slower 2G cellular networks.

Today, in a Microsoft blog post, the company announced that the Outlook Lite app has now exceeded 5 million downloads.

The blog post also reveals some of the updates Microsoft has made to the Outlook Like app since it launched:


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Aug 19, 2019
It's a good app all in all. The main Outlook one takes up a lot of storage on my old work android phone and I'd have constant running out of space messages whereas this is a lot lighter. It's pretty quick and it now allows multiple accounts which is great.
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