Microsoft to remove 3D Folder from File Explorer


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Jan 8, 2011
Around this time, a folder called 3D Objects was added to the OS, because Microsoft truly believed that consumers would be interested in this stuff. And now, that folder is going away, signaling an end to the giant mixed reality push. The change showed up in yesterday's Windows 10 Insider Preview build (via Windows Latest), which was build 21322.

Sadly, Microsoft's mixed reality plans never took off, at least from a consumer perspective.

The one empty folder that you cannot remove is finally going away.

Marko :)

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Aug 12, 2015
I thought they had telemetry... or is everybody blocking that nowadays :D
You can't actually block telemetry. Windows will always send it to the Microsoft, even if you used 3rd party software for blocking it. Microsoft was very clear about that when Windows 10 first launched. Blocking Microsoft domains and IP's won't help you as well; Windows will hung and often not respond. Everything will work slower.
Sadly, a lot of people using third party tools for that blocking nonsense.
At the end, they blame Microsoft for own behaviour.
I was using O&O ShutUp10 two or three years ago because I really needed it as uninstalled sponsored apps kept coming back. Now, I don't use anything to protect me from telemetry, and problem with the apps was finally fixed.