Advanced Plus Security mkoundo laptop security config 2022

Last updated
Jan 1, 2022
Use case
For personal use
Shared with
No one
Desktop OS
Windows 10
Windows OS SKU
Login Unlock
    • Passwordless PIN or Biometrics
    • Password
with
Local account (offline)
Primary user
Standard rights - Restricted permissions that prevent harmful changes
OS updates
Check for updates (manual)
Windows UAC
Always notify
Network firewall
Router with network security
Always-on protection
Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home
Macrium Reflect Home Image Guardian
Microsoft Defender Firewall (Windows 11 or 10)
Custom RT/Firewall security
Emsisoft: Default Settings
Hard_Configurator: Basic Recommended & Recommended Firewall Rules
Malware testing
No malware samples
Periodic scanning
Norton Power Eraser
Hitman Pro Free
Secure DNS
Mullvad Wireguard (on demand)
Password manager
Bitwarden (Browser Extension)
Browsers and Extensions
Microsoft Edge: Ublock Origin, Bitwarden
Utilities for Maintenance
Windows 10 Maintenance Tools
GNU Privacy Guard
Files & Photos backup
Syncback Free
Macrium Reflect Home
Files & Photos backup routine
Emergency recovery plan
Macrium Reflect Home
Integrity of recovery plan
I have thoroughly tried and tested on multiple occasions, with many successful results.
Tasks performed
    • Browsing the web
    • Browsing to unknown sites
    • Working from home
    • Receiving, sending and opening email attachments
    • Buying goods from online stores, entering card details and addresses
    • Logging into personal banking to check statements and payments
    • Downloading software from reputable sites
    • Watching movies and TV series via subscriptions
    • Streaming audio and videos from sites
    • Developer tools
Computer specs
Dell XPS13 9380
UHD Graphics 620
512GB Samsung 970 Pro
Notable changes
07/01/2022 - Replaced Malwarebytes with KVRT
26/02/2022 - Replaced KVRT with NPE
Feedback response

I am mostly satisfied. Minimal feedback is appreciated, for minor changes to patch any missed security / privacy issues.