Advanced Security Morro Security Config 2023

Last updated
Jan 1, 2023
How it's used?
For home and private use
OS (desktop)
Windows 11
On-device encryption
User sign-in
    • Biometrics, Windows Hello PIN, Apple TouchID
OS update
Automatically download and install system updates
User Access Control
Always notify
WiFi network firewall
Router firewall is Off
Malware protection
* BitDefender Total Security
Firewall protection
Other firewall software (3rd-party vendor)
About custom security
* BitDefender Total Security

* Firewall Hardening

- LoLbins
- Recommended H_C
- External Blocklist

* Simple Windows Hardening. ( Basic recommended settings. )
* O&O ShutUp10 ( Recommended settings. )
* VeraCrypt.
Periodic malware scanners
* Automatic quick scan every week with BitDefender Total Security
* On demand scanners: Sophos Scan And Clean - EEK
Malware samples
I do not participate in malware testing.
Default browser & extensions
* Google Chrome ( Main )
* Firefox
Secure DNS
NextDNS through YogaDNS
Password manager
Maintenance tools
* Storage Sense
* Bleachbit
* PrivaZer ( Once a week. )
* Process Explorer
* O&O Defrag Pro
Personal backup
Onedrive and external hard drive.
How often I backup?
Emergency recovery
AOMEI Backupper Pro.
Risk factors
    • Browsing to popular websites
    • Opening email attachments
    • Downloading software and files from reputable sites
    • Gaming
Computer specs
* CPU: Intel Core i5 @ 3.70GHz
* Motherboard: Z370-A PRO (MS-7B48) Micro-Star International Co, Ltd
* Ram: 16 GB DDR4
* Storage: SanDisk SD9SN8W256G (SSD) + 1TB HDD + External 5 TB WD Elements 25A3 USB Device
* Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
* Soundcard: NVIDIA High Definition Audio / Realtek High Definition Audio / NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM)
What I'm looking for?

Looking for medium feedback.


Level 13
Thread author
Jul 8, 2012
I switched browsers from MS Edge to Google Chrome, reason for that is that I was finally sick and tired that Edge somehow lost all my bookmarks and that some how the synched bookmarks where from over two months ago? :(

For the rest not much has changed, most has staid the same as by the end of last years Security Config. Only the Browser and the daily scan from MS Defender has changed as far as I remember at the moment. ( If I remember something else I will let you all know. :D )


Level 69
Honorary Member
Top Poster
Content Creator
Apr 24, 2016
If you are running Windows 11 22H2 with a clean install or performed a reset Simple Windows Hardening doesn't work completely because of issues with SRP:
The current build of Windows 11 ver. 22H2 (clean installation) is not fully compatible with SWH. The SRP settings in SWH will work well if Windows has been upgraded from Windows 10 or updated from version 21H2 (or from the prior version). Unfortunately, SRP does not currently work on clean installations of Windows 11 ver. 22H2. See my post:
Question - Simple Windows Hardening

Do you use an adblocker?
Highly recommended:


Level 13
Thread author
Jul 8, 2012
Network router Firewall: OFF 🤔

No add-ons in browsers?

VPN? Secure DNS?

Thanks for sharing :)

See I knew I had forgotten something. :)

* As for the Network router Firewall: OFF... well the router I have is from my IP Provider ZIggo is an old one, and it has no FIrewall. And they told me that it is still working perfectly so I am not getting a new one that does have a Firewall?

* I do not use a VPN, but I do use NextDNS through YogaDNS. Guess I should add that to the Custom security section.

* Add-ons in Chrome...

- AdGuard-adblocker
- Bitwarden
- Bookmark Backup ( Because of what happened in Edge. )
- Dark Reader
- Enhancer for Youtube
- Popup my Bookmarks. ( I find it a very handy add-on. )
- Reddit Enhancement Suite
- Video Downloader by ODM. ( I find it a very handy add-on. )


* Yeah I do use Adguard adblocker in Google Chrome and in NextDNS I use OISD and AdGuard Mobile Ads filter. ( For my Samsung? )

* I updated to Windows 11 through Windows 10 update function, so would that be okay then for Simple Windows Hardening?


Level 13
Thread author
Jul 8, 2012
I can finally use BitDefender Total Security, and I switched one of my on-demand scanners to Sophos Scan And Clean, which seems to be pretty nice.

Also now that I have the Firewall from BitDefender, can I keep the settings from Firewall Hardening?

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