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TL;DR Stop whining.​


Build the Foundation.

Let me explain... briefly (aka avoiding
"in-depth and technical details"

Windows Vista
+ Firewall with Advanced Security
+ Windows User Access Control

= Made Windows 7 everyone's favorite

Windows 8
+ Built-in Antivirus, ELAM
+ Windows Store and UWP

= Made Windows 10 to be popular

Changes to Windows that were HATED
also made the next iteration BETTER

Perfect the Execution.

Windows 10
+ Version xx03/4
+ Version xx09

= Made Minor versions appear stable

You cannot have one without the other.



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I wouldn't say that windows 10 became popular because customers fell in love with it, but because its adoption through the years has been forced by Microsoft in many ugly ways. Despite Microsoft's approach that resembled forcing a bad medicine down somebody's throat, I still don't find Windows 10 as popular as it was supposed. Five years passed after the launch of Windows 10 and approximately 25% of Windows users still prefer sticking to their old windows systems, although they had the chance of upgrading for free! Now, have a look at Android. How many users do you think would reject a free upgrade to the latest Android version, if they had the chance ? Probably much less than 25%. Hadn't Microsoft made it impossible to install Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 on new processors , it would have taken WIndows 10 even more years to come to the market share it has today. But people in 5 years time probably need to change their PCs, (especially if they're meant for gaming) and their only chance is to install W10.
I use Windows 10 at work, and I don't find it superior to Windows 8.1, except probably for gaming. Windows 8.1 is a light, fast and stable system with a big advantage over Windows 10: reliability (stability) of updates! All it needs for a better experience is a third party Start Menu.
So, I wouldn't define Windows 10 a success story, but rather the most buggy OS of the last 15 years, that we will have to learn to live with in future.