Battle Moto G5 Plus vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 4


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Jan 8, 2011
Thread moved to Compare Gadgets, as you are not comparing Apps.

What features are you most interested in?

ie. Camera: Low-light, Selfie, Wide-angle? Storage: Expandable, Internal only? Design: Glass/Metal, Premium Plastic, Glossy feel?
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Dec 27, 2016
Best of Moto G5 plus
  • Stock Android performance and experience
  • Metal body
  • Stronger glass
  • Splash proof
  • No YELLOW FLASH problem like in RN4
  • Need to charge a l'il more no. of times, but charges quite faster
Best of Redmi Note 4
  • Better sunlight visibility
  • Rooting is officially allowed (warranty is retained)
  • Metal body (body of both metal phones feel premium in different ways. Either get your hands on them or check out some nice YouTube videos for a better understanding)
  • Cost difference (somewhat cheaper)
  • Complicated software/OS (may be a plus for some users, but it's always about discovering new things in case of MI phones)
  • Many additional software features
  • Battery lasts longer with each charge
Rn4 has hybrid slot but with 64GB you won't need a memory card (equals)
Moto is 5'2". RN4 is 5'5"
Acc to me Moto will be more comfortable and big enough. But the Screen-to-Body ratio is quite better in RN4.
Better have a look at an illustrative camera review (pics) for comparison. Here's a nice link.
RN4 has 4100. Moto has 3000. RN4 better here
Both have Quick Charge but Moto has quite faster version

If battery life difference and cost need not be considered by you, Moto should be overall better with build->sturdiness and experience.
One can anytime add features to stock ROMs but a heavy and a bit buggy ROM isn't great to have. That's my preference now (I'm a RN3 user btw).
Consider your preferences over the above points and make your choice ;)