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Mozilla announced plans today to ban Firefox extensions from its Add-ons portal if the extension contains obfuscated code.

The ban will enter into effect on June 10, at which point Mozilla plans to remove all Firefox extensions that don't meet this criteria and shoot down any future extension submissions that fail to provide full access to their source code.
"We will no longer accept extensions that contain obfuscated code," said Caitlin Neiman, Add-ons Community Manager at Mozilla.
"We will continue to allow minified, concatenated, or otherwise machine-generated code as long as the source code is included. If your extension is using obfuscated code, it is essential to submit a new version by June 10th that removes it to avoid having it rejected or blocked."

Besides blocking obfuscated code, Neiman also announced that starting with June 10, Mozilla's team will also be more aggressive in blocking and disabling Firefox add-ons in users' browsers that are found to be violating one of the company's policies.

"We will continue to block extensions for intentionally violating our policies, critical security vulnerabilities, and will also act on extensions compromising user privacy or circumventing user consent or control," Nieman said.
"We will be casting a wider net, and will err on the side of user security when determining whether or not to block," she added.


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Firefox is committing suicide IMO. It used to be one hell of a browser but, with that stupid pocket & banning extensions its now a lame duck.! Its off my PC for good. RIP Firefox.
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