New Update Mozilla VPN: security audit results and new features announced


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Apr 24, 2016
Mozilla published the results of a security audit of its Mozilla VPN service last week. The organization unveiled new Mozilla VPN features last week as well.

We followed Mozilla's VPN solution loosely since it started to test the service back in 2018. The VPN, which uses the infrastructure of Sweden-based Mullvad VPN, launched officially in 2020 in select regions.

The latest security audit is the second review of the service since its launch. Mozilla asked the cybersecurity company Cure53 to audit the Mozilla VPN Qt6 app for all supported operating systems this time.

A team of security researchers identified seven vulnerabilities and eight miscellaneous issues. All vulnerabilities, with the exception of two, received a medium severity rating. One was rated critical and the other high.
The full audit report is available on Mozilla's website.
Mozilla announced a range of new features for Mozilla VPN. The first introduces a number of blocking options to Mozilla VPN. Users need to select Settings > Privacy features to see the available options. There, they find options to enable ad, tracker and malware blocking.

It is not a unique feature, as several VPN solutions support similar options. Nevertheless, the inclusion may be useful to Mozilla VPN users as it enables blocking options that don't rely on browser extensions.

The second improvement lists server recommendations that are measured specifically for the user according to Mozilla. These servers are "the highest-performing server locations", but it is still up to the individual user to pick one of the recommended servers or another server. Performance is important, but other factors, including the location, may also play a role in this regard.


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Aug 17, 2017
Mozilla VPN’s fast performance may not be enough to make up for its small server network and lack of features. Learn more about it in our full review below.

Jonny Quest

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Mar 2, 2023
Just buy mullvad VPN much much better not even the police could get info when they raided the facility.
I agree, go with the tried and true, compared to a VPN wanna be.

From Bryan's link:

Mullvad VPN’s monthly subscription is much more affordable compared to Mozilla VPN’s equivalent plan. This is interesting since Mozilla VPN is partnered with Mullvad and Mozilla’s application is built on top of Mullvad’s VPN infrastructure. If affordability is important to you, you may be better off going for Mullvad VPN’s monthly plan at €5 or around $5.39 since they’re functionally the same VPN.

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