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The origins of Lightbeam
Lightbeam began in July 2011 as Collusion, a personal project by Mozilla software developer Atul Varma. Inspired by the book The Filter Bubble, Atul created an experimental add-on to visualize browsing behavior and data collection on the Web.

In February 2012, Gary Kovacs, Mozilla CEO at the time, introduced the Collusion add-on in a TED talk (now one of the most watched TED talks) about exposing online tracking.

In September 2012, Mozilla joined forces with students at Emily Carr University of Art + Design to develop and implement visualizations for the add-on. With the support of the Ford Foundation and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), Collusion has been re-imagined as Lightbeam and was launched in the fall of 2013.

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The interface has changed a little since it's days as collusion, as far as interacting with the addon. Here is a snapshot of how you can pick certain 3rd party sites and block them.

If one was to utilize Noscript with Lightbeam, it would greatly reduce the tracking/privacy issues that seem to plague the internet more and more as time goes.

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