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Enable UAC and set it to always notify.
Enable Smartcreen.
Add Zemana portable to On demand.
Add HTTPS Everywhere to browsers.

PS: Why you have Smartscreen and UAC disabled??? o_O
I sometimes run apps related to web development and seo. They are getting blocked and also sometimes background processes are blocked. So thought of disabling them.


Level 2
If you're looking for a lightweight solution, there are somethings that you could do.
  • Move SecureAPlus to Real-time Malware Protection. It will catch what Windows Defender doesn't.
  • Switch Malwarebytes for another second opinion scanner. Malwarebytes runs in the background, eating up memory, even though you only use it to occasionally scan. Some good ones include Zemana Anti-Malware Portable, Emsisoft Emergency Kit (although it does take up quite some storage for its signatures), and Norton Power Eraser.
Other than that it looks great! Thanks for sharing! :)
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