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I'm posting because I am desperate trying to fix my computer. Yesterday my Microsoft Security Essentials started to get disabled and whenever I activated it i gets disables again the real time protection. If I'm connected to the internet this happens constantly. However, if I disconnect the wifi, after disabling and manually enbling it a couple of times, the antivirus seems to remain enabled for some time until I try to scan the system with it, where after some time it gets to a point in the scan where it gets disabled again (seems like a virus that can disable the antivirus whenever it's getting detected or something). I tryed running a couple of scans too with HouseCallLaunch and MalwareBytes Anti-Rootkit, found some malware and spyware but after deleting those the problem remains. After the whole day of yesterday running scans and so, today the computer wouldn't start the explorer.exe (had to execute it manually). Plus, now it seems that the usb ports are not working anymore.

I'm new to this community and in general I'm not used to posting in forums, etc, so I don't really know if I'm doing right here, but I would appreciate any help that I could get.

Thanks in advanced!!