Which videocard brand do you use?


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  • AMD Radeon

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This is just a general poll of what video card brand MT members here use. Maybe provide a reason why you use NVIDIA or AMD, what card you use now, how it runs with modern games, and so forth. I've personally always been an NVIDIA user going back to 1999. I never really used AMD because NVIDIA was just always so consistent, I never had a card blow out, it was always just a matter of upgrading to the next big thing. I presently use the NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti (upgraded from the 460 a few months ago), and it runs most modern games on medium-high settings. Unfortunately due to the fact some developers nowadays do VC brand exclusive games (optimized for a certain card), there have been a few games where it would run a bit choppy, but as long as I can play the Total War games well, I'm happy! Currently have my eyes set on the 980.


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... nVidia has now 2 cards with a lot of power: GTX 1070, GTX1080. I'm a gamer so i have no choice in the future....

Currently have my eyes set on the 980
as far as i know: the old series (GTX 9XX) are consuming a lot more power than the new cards. OK they (the old ones)
are (i think) much cheaper but power consumption is the reason why i only will buy the new generation of cards (AMD and nVidia).
Only the new nVidia and new AMD cards have a low power consumption . At this time i don't have a desktop PC at home
(only 2 gaming laptops: GTX860 and GTX970). But i'm planning a desktop with a nVidia card....
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First 3D card I bought was Nvidia TNT2, followed by few ATI cards: Radeon 8500, Radeon X1950 XT, Radeon HD 3850, Radeon HD 7850, and my current is Nvidia GTX 970.

As for next, when time comes I'll look at what where I can get more for my money.


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Intel integrated HD graphics on my laptop, and AMD (in those days ATI) on my old PC at my parents.
AMD had problems with driver in the past which I think it's solved now with Crimson. nVidia on other hand are more pricey, but you'll get more performance.

Objectively I think that nVidia is doing a better job during last couple of years as they are releasing cards that can offer double performance than previous generation.
I am still waiting to see all AMD Polaris cards and I will then comment my findings, but (except AMD Rx 480 had that power distribution problem, which is solved now), AMD used more power than nVidia, being hotter and noisier. I think that AMD solved those power/heat/noise problems with Polaris.

My findings by now
GTX 1060 (today I saw some reviews) : best card for 1080p 60fps / maximum details . Good card for 1440p gaming also, but maybe lowering some details and you'll get >50fps. AMD RX 480 is also great for 1080p and good for 1440p
GTX 1070 : best card for 1440p 60fps gaming maximum details. Also OK card for 4K but on medium settings
GTX 1080 : good card for 4K gaming but putting everything on maximum won't get you those 60fps in half of modern games . Of course, 45fps gaming is totally fine with me.

Upcoming GTX 1080 Ti would probably be the best card for 4K.

Like I said, AMD is on the move