Solved Multiple Malware and Trojan's Effecting my PC need help ASAP

May 20, 2018
Windows 10
So I just moved to a new network and my PC was infected with all sorts of garbage. I have tried multiple things to remove these but they just keep coming back. After reading into this issue for a while and attempting to sort this out over the course of 2 days I have had no such luck in removing them. It has caused my pc to not be able to install any drivers nor be able to boot to advanced startup in windows for recovery. Lastly it has also hindered my pc no longer able to create a windows startup USB drive for recovery as well. NEED HELP ASAP.

Attached is the files for FRST64.
Operating System
Windows 10
Are you using a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system?
64-bit (x64)
Infection date and initial symptoms
Infection Date: 5/18/2018
Keyboard was not working at all.
Corsair Void Headset Drivers would not install.
Current issues and symptoms
Cannot install any drivers.
Cannot boot to advanced startup.
Cannot create boot USB from windows.
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
Malwarebytes and various virus scanners detect the malware once and remove only 1 of the infected files. Then it duplicates itself on the %appdata% folder. No idea if this is the only infection on the computer.
Logs added to Help Request
FRST.txt, Addition.txt



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Mar 8, 2013
Windows 10

Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool x64 and save it to a flash drive.
  • Now you should get a window like this where you need to click Troubleshoot.

  • In the next window, click Advanced options and select Command Prompt.
  • Now you should log in into your account and after that Command Promptwindow.
Access the notepad and identify your USB drive

In the Command Prompt please type in:
and press Enter.
  • When the notepad opens, go to File menu.
  • Select Open.
  • Go to Computer and search there for your USB drive letter.
  • Note down the letter and close the notepad.

Scan with Farbar Recovery Scan Tool

Once back in the command prompt window, please do the following:
  • Type in e:\frst64.exe and press Enter.
    You need to replace e with the letter of your USB drive taken from notepad!
  • FRST will start to run. Give him a minute or so to load itself.
  • Click Yes to Disclaimer.
  • In the main console, please click Scan and wait.
  • When finished it will produce a logfile named FRST.txt in the root of your pendrive and display it. Close that logfile.

Transfer it to your clean machine and include it in your next reply.
May 20, 2018
Windows 10
Hello TwinHeadedEagle,

The files are in the original messages. I don't have a secondary PC in order to do the recovery. When attempting to the advanced startup screen on my pc it just restarts the PC. (All attempts to reach this screen has failed.)

The files attached show the processes that are causing the issues.