My 2008 Piece of Excrement Gaming PC!



Luke[Dumke480] said:
i'll maybe do it another time, cause i have no idea why it doesn't work for me.

Your on a security forum! You need SP1 or your doomed! :D

Hehe ;)


Luke[Dumke480] said:
it's not important, really. it's just bunch of hotfixes and patches.

Exactly, so it's important haha + security hotfixes and patches.

Therefore even more important :p!

Valentin N

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Feb 25, 2011
Luke[Dumke480] said:
also, when i pick my case up, i can buy both the mobo and the CPU

of course but you need to know which cpu you want, amd or intel.

Exorcizm said:
Valentin N said:
Exorcizm said:
Valentin N said:
what cpu do you plan to use? I suggest you wait intil intel ivy bridge comes ut. otherwise I suggest i5 or i7 as cpu. bulldozer is not worth the money.

Luke and me sat down and had a look at his build and he decided what he's grabbing which is the same as my previous CPU as well, an AMD 955 Black Edition, a great CPU for gaming, Luke isn't in the budget for anything like Ivy Bridge or Bulldozer, plus those CPU's are way too powerful for gaming, its a waste of money (as you mentioned with bulldozer)

The bare most powerful CPU you would want to go with as of this moment would be an i7 970 for it's 6 cores and magnificent cache/power

Anything more is useless for what Luke uses :)

I know you don't know what Luke was in the budget for, so i understand your comment 100%


(Luke is happy playing games on Medium to Low settings on his native resolution)

- Josh

I suggested ivy bridge since it be very powersaving (77W for the extreme versions). I don't think 200$ for a high end cpu, that will surely last for a time, is expensive and it uses less power (95W as max but I have seen 70W at full load). The phenom you gave him, or will give him, uses 130W almost twice the amount of Watts.

Are you serious? You should've mentioned that to him beforehand in your previous post, if you want to be an energy efficient gamer buy a console.

Seriously.. I have a GTX 480 (the most power hungry single GPU card out there) and my bill isn't bad at all.

It's up too Luke, but he wants his computer before next year, and IVY Bridge last time i checked doesn't even have a confirmed in stone release date yet.

PS3 uses itself 200-300W which energy efficient computer can use. if you're able to install Linux on PS3 than you got hourspower for low price :)

To have energy sufficient gaming desktop is always better, for us, the desktop and the environment.

Ivy bridge will be release somewhere in march next year, if the info is accurate, which I hope.