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Thank you BoraMurdar! This is a good backup software for anyone in need of it.

But I must mention, and I had the same issue trying to download the software, you can read the replies on BitsDjour where people are reporting Chrome and other anti virus softwares saying there is a virus in the BitsDJour download file. What I did was just download the latest version from the official site which checked out clean. Just wanted to mention that for others.

I would also like to say, I have a lifetime license for Lazesoft Recovery Suite and that is what I have been using, it has worked great for me. But the main issue I have with that software is the option to do an incremental backup, with Lazesoft it seems to just do another backup and not the changes only and there is no merge backups feature like in AOMEI.

So I thought I would give AOMEI Backupper PRO another try to see if it might be faster or better.

One thing I noticed that I did not like doing my 1st backup using this latest version of AOMEI Backupper PRO was that my normal IMAGE backup software using Lazesoft or any softwares I have tried in the past it gives you an estimated time of finish. AOMEI does the same BUT :

Normally a backup for what I have takes about 32 minutes or so, which isn't bad considering I have a lot installed on my system right now.

By comparison though, I tried this latest 4.1 version of AOMEI PRO after registering and activating it, and the first thing I did was try an IMAGE backup to just see how good it was. When I first started it said estimated time to finish would be 16 MINUTES! I thought WOW! That is half the time it's been taking me to backup my system to Image backup, but as I watched the backup happening, every so many minutes there were more minutes added to the estimated finish time, meaning adding a minute in reality is adding 2 minutes, and this kept going on and on until it reached 22 minutes, at that point I decided to cancel the backup because apparently they must be padding their estimated times to make their software look faster or something along those line IN MY OPINION. I do realize your not going to backup your system any faster than it is capable of doing so, but I just found this to be rather deceptive honestly.

Like I said, I was mostly interested in the incremental backup part of the software, but it seems to be slower than what I am currently using and not accurate on it's estimated time of finish.

The estimated time of finish had nothing to do with my PC, or that is there was nothing else running that could cause this timing of estimation to happen, I always check there are no updates or anything else running before making an Image backup on my system.

I'm sure someone will say : "Well maybe you just did not know there was something running on your system and the estimated time is just an ESTIMATION anyway", but I must say, whatever the case is, it is slower than what I have been using so I will stick with Lazesoft and hope they improve their incremental aspects of their software.

Either way, like I said, in the past AOMEI BACKUPPER when using it, it's been a SOLID backup software for me, but I have moved on and re-visited it again with this latest offering and just thought perhaps others might like to hear my experience using the software.

Either way, I hope this helps someone or better informs them by sharing my experience.

It's a good software if you need to backup to image, better than Windows 10 built in image backup options, it has more than that and in the past when using it never failed me, but I can't get over the estimated backup times changing like they did.
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