Level 1
Hi fellas, I want to show my configurations and see if there is anything to improve or learn and would like to know your thoughts. I am not an expert btw. I downloaded some extensions after reading some posts here.

For "password websites" (think of banks, mail, fb, online shopping, etc -important stuff-), I use Firefox (71.0 I just checked) with Ghostery, uBlock Origin, HTTPS everywhere, Decentraleyes and Honey (coupons). With duckduckgo as the default browser.

For other stuff (porn, general browsing, videos, etc), I use Google Chrome with same extensions plus Privacy Badger and Malwarebytes. And google as the default browser.

What do you guys think?

Edit: Should I upgrade with a vpn? are vpns an unnecessary overkill? I don´t know whether to trust free vpns. I might as well trust more my ISP than a vpn?