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Hello, Everyone just got a question I need answered and possible start a discussion. I just recently had to uninstall emsisoft anti-malware due to license expiring. I decided to go with Kaspersky Security Cloud free/Kaspersky Free whatever you call it. I was wondering if my setup is safe enough. I play game do college work download stuff watch tv movies etc. I have heimdal/Thor premium for a year and adguard. Was curious if kaspersky cloud free along with said products is good or do I need to add a firewall like osarmor or comodo firewall? Also to add i do have macrium relect free as backup solution. Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.


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You should post here to: PC Security Configuration

And fill up your current setup, then members can help you better

Kaspersky free av is enough, but you can harden with comodo firewall or OSArmor, since both of them are very light and easy to use

I like comodo firewall + av solution because cf is very light, doesnt bother you with useless alerts and can prevent all frauds, good antivirus is just first line defense , but cf is the back of your system. If youre going to use ( you should) macrium relect, or any other backup software you can always revert changes if something mess up