Q&A Need advice on enabling or disabling these options in KIS together with Adguard for Windows


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Jan 26, 2020
Hi all.
I keep these options enabled in KIS as shown in the screenshot below:


And I guess keeping those options above as enabled, would not have any conflict with keeping these options below in Adguard for Windows, enabled, is that true?


I talked with a friend about this, and his idea is below:

"I honestly don’t know what happens when multiple pieces of software try deciphering HTTPS traffic. I guess one goes first, does its filtering, re-encrypts it using their own cert, and the other goes after. Pretty inefficient (two decipher->filter->cipher passes) but should work. If it doesn’t, you’ll see it fast enough.

BTW the problem is not the options in KIS, but rather than two software are filtering HTTPS at all. (i.e. the first checkbox in your second screenshot, and oen not shown in KIS).

Anyway, either it works, or you would see HTTPS alerts in your browser."

I also thought to know forum members idea on this as well. Thank you very much.


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Feb 25, 2017
I uninstalled Adguard for Windows; thus I don't have the settings in the second screenshot, now I can keep those two settings in KIS enabled.
Right now, I have Adguard Browser Extension only.
Considering the big 4.0 release that is coming for the AdGuard extension, it might actually be a good idea to only use the extension. ;)
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Aug 17, 2014
@SecureKongo Do you think that Adguard might ditch the Windows version and then make the AdGuard extension default one and also paid maybe?

Adguard for Windows probably continues to be the only paid product (on Windows), it's their big player since years, unlikely to be discontinued.
The biggest downside: HTTPS scanning is always required to be able blocking ads.

Adguard browser extension v4 beta, looks like very good even in current status of development, even in latest stable version 3, IMO is the best alternative for users don't like to use uBlock Origin.