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I Need fast VPN (free, ads ok )only for content unblocking, where i can stream videos without lagging and better if it also supports torrent
privacy is not my concern here
my primary VPN is Windscribe when i need privacy ;)
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Protonvpn is pretty good. It is free unlimited traffic has Free servers in Netherlands, Japan and USA. Also Windscribe there is sometimes 50-60 GB free promo codes for a month that come out.


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Windscribe is one of the only VPNs that would allow torrenting on their free tier VPN.

Usually if you want to torrent on a VPN you would have to purchase it because they don't want pirates just coming in using their VPN for free and causing them issues with copyrights and stuff.

Personally I use Cyberghost VPN which is pretty good, speeds are really fast and they are relatively cheap.