Battle Need to purchase a new phone. Any suggestions?


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Aug 3, 2013
Hi everyone. Its been very long since I had switched my phone. And now the time has come for me to buy a new phone finally.
My searches are for
  • Budget in $300 (20000 INR).
  • Android Phone preferred
  • Non Chinese brands.
So I am looking forward for a phone that would serve me well based according my needs. For this purpose I have created this thread where I could find some suggestions and choices.
Along with that I have the following smartphones in my mind but I'm confused of choosing the right one.
  1. Samsung J7 Pro
  2. Nokia 6
  3. Nokia 5
  4. Moto G5 Plus
  5. Moto G5S Plus
So friends which would be the right choice for me? Let me know ur suggestions too.


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Jun 21, 2017
Get the one which has the latest OS

that would be the nokia 6, nougat 7.1.1 :cool:

best battery in gsm arena testing.



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Aug 3, 2013
similar specifications but when it comes build quality the nokia 6 can beat the crap out of uncle sammy & aunt moto
Thankyou for your suggestion. I am ok with the Brand, Build and OS, but as I have seen in most of the reviews, reviewers say for this price bla..bla..bla.. This changes my mind to other brands.
An iPhone SE would fit within that budget.
Its small but high quality. The general consensus is that Apple phones are far more secure than an android phones.
Thankyou for your suggestion. I had iPhone SE in my mind months back. But now I'm bored about the old design and also people hardly recognize it as SE. So I would rather go for 6s, but i'm short on budget for this. So as of now I will stick for an Android phone. And I have to say that this is my first Android phone that I am about to buy.
All the phones are manufactured in china bro.
I dont want China OEM's . Hope you understood.


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Jun 24, 2016
The general consensus is that Apple phones are far more secure than an android phones.



You may actually consider a Windows Phone.. They're far more stable and secure than Android and you won't really feel so much the lack of apps if you're not a phone gamer. Out of what you mentioned, Nokia 6 and Moto G5 sound good enough.

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Apr 18, 2016
according to my previous painful experience with smartphones, now, I only buy phones from Samsung and Apple. You will not regret. Why? because the chance of getting a defective device is much lower than other brands and the support, warranty are much better than the others

I bought Sony, LG, HTC in the past and I wanted to kill myself due to the poor after-sale software update and defects
Most noticeably sony and LG
the latest sony phones are still reported to have nonreponsive touchscreen after a few months. embarrassing

Buy the way, you can buy an like-new galaxy S7 (US cellular) if it's available in your country
I bought my Galaxy s7 (snapdragon 820, G930u) for ~$272 (converted from VND)
no scratch, it's worth every penny
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